2011 Census

2011 Census Prospectus 8th May 2012
Car and Van Availability
Children in Poverty
Comparing London & the Core Cities
Diversity In London
Economic Activity
Ethnicity By Age Group
Family Type Snapshot
Housing Characteristics
Housing Snapshot
Housing Tenure by Economic Activity
Housing Tenure by NS-SEC
Labour Market Snapshot
Local Areas of Ethnic Group Concentration
Londoners Born Overseas
Main Language Snapshot
Mixed and Balanced Communities
National Statistics Social-economic Classification in London
Non-term Time Address Students Snapshot
Passports Snapshot
Social Exclusion of Older People in London
Short Term Residents Snapshot
Trends in Housing Tenure
Trends in Overcrowding
Ward Diversity Indices Snapshot

2011 Census Tools

Census Custom Age Tool 2001-2011
Country of Birth by Age tool
Ethnicity By Age Tool
Population Based Comparator Tool
Top Twenty Country of Birth Tool
Working Day Population Tool
Key and Quick Statistics LA Level by %
Lookup Table Havering Geography
Quality Assurance Information

Business Data

Business demography 2015
Labour market profile – Havering
The Future of High Streets – July 2013
UK business register and employment survey 2015
UK Competitivemess Index 2016
UKCES Employer skill survey 2015
Unemployment data

Case Studies

Bowel Cancer Case Study
London Borough of Havering Over 65s consulatation project

Customer Insight

Dr Foster Guide to Segmentation
LGADeveloping Customer Insight in Local Gov
Ward Profiles and Communications Preference 2015
Mosaic Public Sector Brochure 2016
Mosaic Public Sector Handbook 2016


Greenhouse Gas Report 2011-2012

Equalities and Diversity

The Equality Act, making equality real
Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

Havering School Census

Ethnicity January 2017
FSM January 2017
Gender January 2017
SEN January 2017
Year Group January 2017

Health And Social Care

Fertility In London 2001 and 2011

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

2014 Children and Young People Chapter
2014 JSNA Drug and Alcohol Chapter
2016 PHOF Annual Report
Equality Impact Assessment for PNA 2015
Mental Health Final Dec 14
Nationally Produced Havering Health Profiles
Obesity Needs Assessment 2016 – Executive Summary
Obesity Needs Assessment 2016 – Full Document
Overview of Health and Social Care Needs in Havering
PNA 2015
SEND Needs Assessment 2016 – Executive Summary
SEND Needs Assessment 2016 – Full Document
Sexual Health Chapter 2015
Supplementary Statement 2015
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile v2.3
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile (Infographic) v2.3
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile (Powerpoint Presentation) v2.3
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile v2.2
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile (Infographic) v2.2
This is Havering: a demographic and socioeconomic profile (PowerPoint Presentation) v2.2
Ward Health Profile Metadata
Ward Health Profile User Guide
CCG Logo

JSNA Archive

Sorted by Age: Latest Analysis first

Havering Ward Health Profiles
Children and Young People Baseline Analysis
2014 Demographics Appendix
2014 Demographics Chapter
CHD Report May 2012
Chronic Obstrutive Pulmonary Disease Report (Havering and Barking and Dagenham)
Diabetes Report (Outer North East London)
Psychosis Report (Outer North East London)
Alcohol Related Hospital Admissions Report (Outer North East London)
Supporting Vulnerable Adults and Older People
Supporting Vulnerable Children and Young People
Emergency Admissions Report (Outer North East London)
JSNA 2011/12 – Breastfeeding
JSNA 2011/12 – Cancer
JSNA 2011/12 – Cardiovascular Disease
JSNA 2011/12 – Dementia
JSNA 2011/12 – Demographics Update
JSNA 2011/12 – Domestic Violence
JSNA 2011/12 – Obesity
JSNA 2011/12 – Smoking
JSNA 2011/12 – Summary
Emergency Admissions Report (Outer North East London)
Maternity Report (Outer North East London)
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
Falls Prevention & Bone Health Needs Assessment 2011
2010 JSNA Full Document
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Children & Young People
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Demographics
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Disabilities, Learning Difficulties & Mental Health
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Health & Well Being Status
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Introduction
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Living in Havering
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Local Services & Local Views
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Older People
2010 JSNA Refresh Chapter – Staying Healthy
2008 JSNA

Population Projections

Briefing Note – Population Projections January 17
GLA Guide to Population Projection Variants
GLA trend projection methodology July 2016
Latest Population Projections @ Jan 17


Havering Health Profile 2013
Health and WellBeing Strategy 2012
LBH Home Energy Conservation Act – Further Report March 2013


Spring Clean Survey 2012
Your Council Your Say 2011

Old Reports

London Borough of Havering Greenhouse Gas Report 2010-2011

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London Datastore
Mayors Office for Policing and Crime Performance Dashboards
Metropolitan Police Crime Data Dashboard
National General Practice Profiles
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