Crime & Community Safety

Each year it is a statutory requirement that Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) across England and Wales must conduct a strategic assessment of crime, disorder, and substance misuse and community safety issues. The purpose of the assessment is to help decision makers set priorities. It is also the key background document used in the development of the Havering CSP Partnership Plan.

The community safety problems which were identified as causing the most harm during the most recent strategic assessment period are domestic abuse and violent crime (including gangs), sexual offences (including child sexual exploitation), burglary and anti-social behaviour. The strategic themes of the Havering Community Safety Partnership are:

Protecting vulnerable individuals/victims – we want to reduce the number of victims and repeat victims of crime and anti-social behaviour in Havering. Areas of particular focus, where volume and risk of repeat victimisation are greatest, will be Violence against Women & Girls, Child Sexual Exploitation and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Supporting the most prolific and/or high harm offenders – we want to reduce the harm and risk of reoffending posed by known offenders residing in Havering and work with neighbouring boroughs to minimise the impact of offenders travelling into Havering. Areas of particular focus, where risks associated with reoffending high harm are highest, will be offenders with drug and alcohol misuse, reoffenders, and those with links to gangs.

Creating Safer Locations – we want to reduce the volume of crime in areas which are disproportionately affected. Areas of particular focus, where higher concentrations of crime exist, will be local town centres and retail areas across Havering and burglary hotspots.

Throughout this work, a key cross-cutting area will be community engagement and public confidence. This is to enable communities to report and receive information, as well as being part of potential solutions. A key focus of this area will be preventing violent extremism.

Strategic Assessment 2015
Havering Community Safety Partnership 2014-17

CRIME DATA AND ANALYSIS: For further information on levels of crime locally at regional, local and neighbourhood level, please refer to the links below:

For Information on Anti Social Behaviour please visit Havering council website or Please Click here.
For information on Domestic Violence please visit Havering council website or Please Click here.

Crime Mapping

An expansion of the government flagship ‘Crime Mapping’ website has been unveiled. The website will allow users to:

  • Compare crime in their local district with crime in other areas with similar socio-economic make-ups, within other forces.
  • Assess how recorded crime rates have changed over the past three years.
  • Draw your area’, enabling residents to search for crime information within their neighbourhood watch area or local estate.
  • Receive email alerts when new updates are added, or if an arrest on their street has led to a criminal sentence.

You can view the Crime Mapping site here.